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Export Import Procedure

An enterprise permitted under the Foreign Investment Law has to be registered as exporter importer upon business requirement. with the Export Import Registration Office, Directorate of Trade.

The Registration of Exporters/Importers :

The following persons or enterprises can be registered at the Ministry of Trade as exporters/importers:

a.    A citizen or an associate citizen or a naturalized citizen of the Union of Myanmar

b.    Partnership firms

c.     Limited companies or joint venture corporations, formed under the Myanmar Companies Act 1958 or Special Company Act 1950

d.    Co-operative societies, registered under the Union of Myanmar Co-operative Law, 1970

Registration Fee :- The fee for registration as exporter/importer is Ks 5,000 for one year and Ks 10,000 for three years. The same fees are payable on renewal.

Goods which may be Exported :- Myanmar products can be exported with the exception of some selected items like teak, rice, etc. under the export license issued by Ministry of Trade.

Export License Fee :-  Generally there is no export license fee. However, if hardwoods are to be exported in log form. the following service fees are payable to the Ministry of Trade.

Sr. No.

FOB value of the License  (Kyat)

Service Fee (Kyat)


1    to    50,000



50,001  to 100,000



100,001 to 150,000



150,001 and  Above



Validity Period of Export License :- The validity period of export license is normally 6 months. If necessary, the period may be extended by the Ministry of Trade.

Goods which may be Imported :- All goods which are not prohibited by the respective government department, can be imported under the import licence issued by the Ministry of Trade.

Import License Fee :- Import licence fees are payable on all imports from abroad, it includes those imports for which import permits are not required, those imported by means of a permit, an import licence or open general licence; imports through the border and those imported for general trading purposes by the State Economic Enterprises (SEEs), government departments, co-operatives and private enterprises. Licence fees must be paid according to the specified rate for import of goods on consignment basis either by SEEs or private enterprises and entrepreneurs.With a view to reducing the cost of living and to being competitive under the market economy, the Ministry ofTrade has issued an Import Licence Fees Order on June 28, 1991, revising the licence fees payable on commodities imported from abroad with effect from July 1, 1991.

The import licence fees payable on the C.I.F (Yangon) value of goods imported from abroad ranges from a minimum fee of K 250 to a maximum of K 50,000 as follows:

                 C.I.F value             

Import License Fees

K 10,000

K  250

K 10,001  - K 25,000

K  625

K 25,001  - K 50,000

K  1250

K 50,001  - K 1,00,000

K  2500

K 1,00,001  - K 2,00,000

K  5000

K 2,00,001  - K 4,00,000

K 10,000

K 4,00,001  - K 10,00,000

K  20,000

K 10,00,001  and  Above

K  50,000

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